What is the Bell Weddings Guide - Why Use It?

If you are a user of the Internet you will know how frustrating it is to find what you want.
You can buy a car for 30% off in another country but you can't find out when your local cinema opens, or where the nearest florist is.

If you are a business you are constantly struggling to get people to find you or your website. You can spend a fortune on a website and nobody sees it. Then somebody registers you with dozens of search engines and all you get is a lot of junk mail.

The idea of websites that cater for local areas is the answer. Many people have realised this which is why there are so many small websites aimed at local groups. Unfortunately they are small, not easy to find and therefore rarely used and not economic.

The solution - a Local Area Directory that is part of and benefiting from a nationwide UK Area Directory. The idea is to have local websites that have the background support and infrastructure of a national website. It is immediately economic for each area to be viable so enabling it to continue with the ability to offer all the facilities that no individual could possibly do on their own.